CPD Planner (Issue no. 170)
Issue no. 170 (8 October 2019)
The Hong Kong Institute of CPAs continually looks for ways to help you work smarter and more efficiently, gain new knowledge and develop the skills needed for the future. Now, with the end of this CPD reporting year approaching, it's time to review whether you are on track to meet your learning needs and achieve the CPD requirement. The events listed below provide additional learning opportunities.

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15 Oct A new era of Hong Kong's insurance industry
16 Oct Best corporate governance awards series: CLP and COSCO share their experience on developing award winning corporate governance
19 Oct IT Conference 2019 – Smart CPAs in the era of smart everything – Accountants in the future world of machines
25 – 26 Oct Study tour to Greater Bay Area city – Guangzhou
(粵港澳大灣區訪問團 – 廣州)
26 Oct Annual auditing update conference 2019: Risk and quality management
Oct – Dec Practice Management for SMPs
Nov – Dec Soft skills in the workplace
17 & 24 Nov From CPA to CPA Plus (FCCP)
Workshops for listing on HKEX
19 Oct –
30 Nov
Part I: Listing on HKEX
30 Nov –
14 Dec
Part II: Post-listing obligations
Accounting and financial reporting
28 & 29 Oct HKFRS 17 Insurance Contracts for general insurers
30 & 31 Oct HKFRS 17 Insurance Contracts for life insurers
Auditing and assurance
28 Oct Audit of licensed corporations
Corporate finance
The challenge and advancement of treasury management:
30 Oct Session 1: Treasury challenges in Asia
18 Nov Session 2: Technology in treasury
Ethics and regulations
14 Oct Guardian role of professionals in upholding ethical governance (re-run)
Forensic accounting
30 Oct Asset tracing – Principles and practice
Industry knowledge
10 Oct Opening of bank accounts and financing services for SMEs
5 Nov Industry update relating to investment funds
14 Oct British Virgin Islands: What professionals need to know about the latest business substance, beneficial ownership and anti-money laundering developments
Management, leadership and soft skills
Accountants, WeCare: 如何面對事業的起跌與家庭的張力:
17 Oct 做個沉得住氣的女人
20 Nov 做個輸得起的男人
15 Oct Tax and business considerations for U.S. investment
Case studies workshops:
12 Oct Investing in High-Yield Dividend Aristocrats stocks
22 Oct Practical insight: Asian bond investments
7 Nov Practical insight: Identifying high risk stocks
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The anti-money laundering procedures manual for accountants is now available for purchase at the Institute. The manual includes templates for AML procedures and practices and help sheets, all designed to help practitioners with the Hong Kong regulatory regime.
Free subscription to the ICAEW's premium service on International Standards about technical and practical updates and resources.
The 2016 edition of the Institute's Audit Practice Manual with useful resources supporting your audit work.
The Hong Kong Corporate Insolvency Manual (4th edition) has emerged as the leading resource for accounting and legal professionals with the latest significant developments in insolvency law and practice.
You can input your CPD hours (including CPD training organized by outside providers) in MyCPA. Although it is not equivalent to your CPD declaration, this online record helps you keep track of your CPD achievements. It also lists your enrolment status for CPD courses.
Over 7,700 e-books and 300 e-journals are now available in our e-Library.
Compliance with CPD requirements is one of the conditions for renewing your membership and practising certificate. Click here to learn more about Statement 1.500 and updated guidelines.
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