CPD Planner (Issue no. 175)
Issue no. 175 (19 December 2019)
The Hong Kong Institute of CPAs continually looks for ways to help you work smarter and more efficiently, gain new knowledge and develop the skills needed for the future. Take a look at some of the newly released and popular e-learning CPD courses and find suitable ones to help you gain the knowledge and skills that you need to become a true Accountant Plus.
Install the Institute's new events app (iOS / Android), or visit the CPD learning resource centre and event calendar to enrol in professional development courses and upcoming training opportunities relevant to your needs.
Annual accounting update 2019 "Taking stock and moving forward"
The small and medium-sized entity financial reporting framework and financial reporting standard
Annual auditing update 2019 "Risk and quality management"
Quality assurance forum – What's new? What went wrong?
Overview of Hong Kong corporate governance code (2019 updated)
Reporting/ Internal controls/ Audit committee – Finance manager essentials (2019 updated)
Disclosure of inside information (2019 updated)
Tailor-made online courses on corporate finance, corporate governance, taxation and management accounting (in partnership with CIMA). Click here for details and to enrol online.
Archived webcast of popular technical face-to-face events.
New DIPNs on deductions on R&D expenditure, health insurance premiums under VHIS, and deferred annuity premiums and TVC
Mainland China foreign exchange control issues relevant to complex cross-border transactions
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Forty two courses covering information technology-related topics, financial forecasting and financial planning.
Advanced excel: Practical applications for accounting professionals
Analytics and big data for accountants
The new controllership: Keys to boosting financial performance
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A course on valuing intangible assets developed by the International Institute of Business Valuers.
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The programme From CPA to CPA Plus (FCCP) was developed in collaboration with the Hong Kong Institute of Business Engineers. Develop a business-oriented mind-set through this course specially designed for professional accountants in business.
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Over 140 e-manager courses covering a wide range of management and business skills topics to provide flexible, tablet-friendly, online learning:
Financial analysis for credit risk determination
Derivative contracts: Futures, forwards, swaps, and options
The business analysis planning and monitoring knowledge area
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Over 100 online courses on financial markets:
Blockchain structure & security, smart contracts & blockchain applications and cryptocurrencies & initial coin offerings (ICOs)
Corporate finance - Measuring business performance
Mergers & acquisitions (M&A) - Analysis
Subscription fees for e-Finance course have been reduced. Click here for details and online enrolment.
Over 100 online courses on accounting and business related topics:
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Webinar on how to make effective use of the Anti-money laundering procedures manual for accountants
HKICPA/Open University of Hong Kong – Online courses on Chinese Business Law
Members' Forum 2019
Archived webinar valuing financial instruments offered by iiBV
e-Finance course Corporate finance – Capital structure and liquidity
Key recommendations in the HKICPA report on improving corporate governance in Hong Kong (2017)
Four 1-hour courses on pivot tables, ethical issues, presenting data, and customer key performance indicators offered by accountingcpd.net
Click here to see all e-learning courses. The Institute also provides face-to-face events, stay tuned and click here to check out the latest events by date.
The Institute's Professional Accountants in Business (PAIB) Committee has published Professional Development Framework for PAIBs to provide a useful and accessible guide to the competencies necessary for PAIBs to perform both their current and desired roles. The framework can help them to shape their careers, realize their objectives, and take control of their learning to achieve their goals. It can also help employers and company boards to evaluate their finance functions and ensure they are future ready with the right mix of skills.
The anti-money laundering procedures manual for accountants is now available for purchase at the Institute. The manual includes templates for AML procedures and practices and help sheets, all designed to help practitioners with the Hong Kong regulatory regime.
Free subscription to the ICAEW's premium service on International Standards about technical and practical updates and resources.
The 2016 edition of the Institute's Audit Practice Manual with useful resources supporting your audit work.
The Hong Kong Corporate Insolvency Manual (4th edition) has emerged as the leading resource for accounting and legal professionals with the latest significant developments in insolvency law and practice.
You can input your CPD hours (including CPD training organized by outside providers) in MyCPA. Although it is not equivalent to your CPD declaration, this online record helps you keep track of your CPD achievements. It also lists your enrolment status for CPD courses.
Over 21,000 e-books and 380 e-journals are now available in our e-Library.
Compliance with CPD requirements is one of the conditions for renewing your membership and practising certificate. Click here to learn more about Statement 1.500 and updated guidelines.
Any suggestions for our CPD programmes? Share your views at hkicpa@hkicpa.org.hk