Issue no. 114 (26 April 2019)


  News highlights

New members cocktail

New members admitted to the Institute since May 2018 are welcome to attend the new members cocktail on 18 May at the Institute. Come join this celebratory event to network and interact with fellow members and learn about the services the Institute provides its members. Sign up by 3 May.


  Upcoming events

Swimming classes

Enrol in the swimming classes to improve your techniques at the Victoria Park Swimming Pool every Tuesday and Thursday between May and July.



Singing technique classes

Enrol in the singing technique classes starting in May to improve your vocal techniques for singing pop songs. Join a class that suits your level. The stage performance technique class is also available to help build your confidence on stage.

Tennis training courses

Join the tennis training course beginning on 14 May and learn from a professional coach. Elementary and intermediate sessions are available.



Dance events

Enrol in the elementary level rumba and jive classes starting on 9 May in North Point, and beginners jazz classes from 1 June in Mongkok.

Dance and dine at the monthly dance dinner on
24 May at Star Galaxy Dance Club in Causeway Bay.

CPA bridge tournament

Sign up now for the annual CPA bridge tournament on 11 May to gain more tournament experience and play with fellow members of all skill levels.



Golf activities

Tee off with your fellow members at Phoenix Hill Golf Club on 25 May, or sharpen your short game skills with a golf professional at Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course on 16 June.



Support the CPA dragon boat team

Cheer for the CPA dragon boat team and celebrate the Tung Ng Festival in this summer.


Kicking off the competition season with the Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships on
7 June.


The largest dragon boat event of the year, Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races running from
14 to 16 June is also a carnival filled with food and beer, music, games and entertainment. Cheer the team competing in the small boat, mixed standard boat, and fancy dress races.


Support the accountants in the joint professional competition – RSCP Dragon Boat Races – at Stanley Main Beach on 23 June.

  Competitions and Awards

Bowling winter league awards

Team Turkey beat seven other teams to win the winter league which concluded on 15 March. Kenneth Luk (737) and Caris Wan (687) won the Men's and Ladies' High Series respectively, while Patrick Cheung and Cecilia Poon won the most-improved player awards. Click to see results and photos.

CPA graded bowling competition

Congratulations to Ralf Ho, Patrick Lee, and Lydia Chau who won grades A, B and C in the graded bowling competition respectively on 31 March. Ralf Ho and Lee Wai Ping won the overall single highest scoring games. Click to see results and photos.

Table tennis team league

Congratulations to Tony Cheung, Hui Chi Kwai, Kelvin Lam and Eric Shum who won the table tennis team league which concluded on 14 April. Daphne Chan, Tony Cheung, Hui Chi Kwai and Kenneth Lam also won individual champion awards. Click to see full results and photos.

Click here for more event photos.   Click here to see the at-a-glance calendar for more member activities.
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