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The Institute produced a documentary, The Money Secrets of Children, to show the varied and imaginative ways children think about money and explain why it is important to teach children money values and why teachers think the "Rich Kid, Poor Kid" lessons taught by CPAs are a valuable addition to their curriculum.

The documentary was a hit in an international competition for excellence in video communications: It won "Best of Show" ¡V the top award from a field of more than 100 corporate videos from around the world. On top of that, it won the gold award for non-profit organization and the grand award for best of documentary. Click to watch the documentary in English and Chinese.

To highlight the success of the award-winning "Rich Kid, Poor Kid" programme, the Institute produced two versions of 20-second television commercials to tell our community in these recessionary times how CPAs help to create a financially responsible generation. Click the links below to see the advertisements.

In print, five different advertisements ran in various local newspapers, including am730, The Standard, SCMP, Ming Pao and Hong Kong Economic Journal. Click to see the full set of print ads. in English and Chinese.

The campaign extended to feature on three trams May Moon, the protagonist of the Institute's children storybook, and our ¡§Rich Kid, Poor Kid¡¨ message, running on all routes.

The "Rich Kid, Poor Kid" programme made its debut in 2005 when our members began to visit schools to teach children about financial responsibility. Since its introduction, our volunteers have reached nearly 87,000 students aged eight to 18.

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