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The Institute has since 1999 organised a number of workshop series on the accounting, auditing, capital market and taxation systems in the Mainland.

Since there are major changes to these systems in the Mainland, the Institute has reviewed the workshop contents and structure. The Hong Kong Baptist University has been engaged to deliver this new series of workshops:

Workshops on PRC Accounting, Auditing, Capital Market & Taxation (Technical Workshops)
  • Accounting Module (2 sessions)
    covers the accounting regulatory framework; accounting for assets, liabilities, equities, profit and loss items and other accounting adjustments; financial accounting reports; performance evaluation; comparison with IFRS case study and other contemporary accounting issues in China.
  • Auditing Module (1 session)
    examines the development of auditing profession and auditing standards, the issues relating to auditorsíŽ independence and liabilities in China.
  • Capital Market Module (2 sessions)
    examines the development of capital markets and listing rules in China.
  • Taxation Module (5 sessions)
    covers an overview of the current tax regime; Individual Income Tax; Investment Enterprise and Enterprise Income Tax; Business Tax; Value Added Tax; transfer pricing and other PRC tax planning strategies.

    Workshops on PRC Taxation (Taxation Workshops)
  • The contents and duration are same as those in the Taxation Module.

    Class size & duration

    Technical Workshops
  • Class size: 1 class with 50 seats
  • Duration: 30 hours

    Taxation Workshops
  • Class size: 2 classes with 50 seats each
  • Duration: 15 hours

    Enrolment details

    Enrolment details & application form for the Workshops on PRC Taxation (August - September 2009)

    Workshops schedule

    2009 íV 2012

    If you are interested in receiving the information of the upcoming workshops, please complete and return the form below to the Institute's Member & Corporate Services Department. The Institute will send you via email the information of the workshops as soon as the timetable is fixed. Kindly note that your indication on receiving the information of the workshops does not represent your application to the Institute for the programmes.

    Electronic form

    Hardcopy form


    Please contact the Member & Corporate Services Department on: 2287 7065 / 361 / 030 or e-mail: <<mcs.scm@hkicpa.org.hk>>

    Member & Corporate Services Department

    July 2009