Committee Membership Details for the Year 2020
Remuneration Committee

No. Committee Member Title  
1. Dr. NG, Chung Wai, David Chairman Attendance record
2. Mr. CHAN, Kam Wing, Clement Deputy Chairman Attendance record
3. Mr. Raymond CHENG Member Attendance record
4. Mr. Ernest FUNG Member Attendance record
5. Mr. LIU, Kwok Tai, Teddy Member Attendance record
6. Mr. TONG, Eric Member Attendance record
7. Mr. WONG Kam Pui, Wilfred Member Attendance record

Remuneration Committee

Terms of Reference


(Edited by CE and Revised by Remuneration Committee on 16 May 2011) 

1.        To assist the Institute Management in building a strong HR function.
2.        To review and advise the Council on the Institute's HR policy including
 i.       Policy, procedures and practices governing the appointment, promotion and dismissal of staff at different grades;
ii.       Policy, procedures and practices governing staff performance evaluation and staff training.
iii.      Other HR Policy matters such as Health & Hazards, Working hours, Discrimination, Recruitment and Claims of Harassment etc.
3.         To make recommendations to Council on the Institute's staff grading and remuneration (pay and benefits) structure, pay level, yearly pay adjustment and staff performance bonus and other employment terms and conditions. The Committee is concerned with the remuneration policy and structure and the salary review while individual performance award is to be determined by the different approval authority (CE&R, the leadership team or Council) as laid down in the Institute's remuneration policy.
(Updated 16 May 2011)