Committee Membership Details for the Year 2020
Corporate Finance Advisory Panel

No. Committee Member Title  
1. Mr. AU Chun Hing, Edward Chairman Attendance record
2. Mr. NG, Man Keung Deputy Chairman Attendance record
3. Mr. CHAN Che Chung, Conrad Member Attendance record
4. Mr. CHAN, Wai Ho Member Attendance record
5. Mr. LAU, Yu Hin Member Attendance record
6. Mr. LEUNG, Man Kwong, Aron Member Attendance record
7. Mr. LI, Kwok Tai, James Member Attendance record
8. Mr. LIU, Huaiyu Member Attendance record
9. Mr. SHEN, Ka Yip, Timothy Member Attendance record
10. Mr. WONG, Chun Yee Member Attendance record
11. Mr. WONG, Hin Wing Member Attendance record
12. Mr. WONG, Kam Chin Member Attendance record
13. Ms. WU, Ka Lai, Cary Member Attendance record
14. Mr. WU, Tak Lung Member Attendance record
15. Mr. YUNG, Kin Member Attendance record


Corporate Finance Advisory Panel
Terms of Reference
To develop and support members' interest in the field of corporate finance, which covers strategic financing/funding activities, including fund raising (e.g. equity/debt capital), venture capital/private equity investments, merger and acquisition activities, corporate treasury function, capital and group structure, etc.
To represent the views of members working in the corporate finance field and, where appropriate, the corporate finance sector generally, including by commenting on corporate finance-related consultation papers, proposed regulations and legislation affecting listed companies, the promotion of investor protection and other corporate finance issues.
To represent the Institute in discussions with the government and regulators on technical matters relating to corporate finance, and to convey to the government and regulatory bodies, the views and concerns of corporate finance practitioners, in particular, members of the Institute who are working in corporate finance and related areas.
To promote the role of the Institute and the work of the accountancy profession in corporate finance.
To co-ordinate and liaise with other committees and professional/industry interest groups of the Institute (e.g. Professional Accountants in Business Committee) and outside parties/organizations and, where appropriate, undertake joint action on matters of common interest and concern and develop programmes and activities that are of interest and relevant to members working in corporate finance and related areas.
To support the activities of the Corporate Finance Interest Group.
May 2018