Committee Membership Details for the Year 2020
Taxation Faculty Executive Committee

No. Committee Member Title  
1. Mr. CHAN, Kam Wing, William Chairman Attendance record
2. Ms. CHAN, Ka Wah, Sarah Deputy Chairman Attendance record
3. Mr. Alan AU Member Attendance record
4. Ms. CHEUNG, Ying Member Attendance record
5. Mr. CHUK, Timothy Member Attendance record
6. Ms. HO, King Wah, Gwenda Member Attendance record
7. Mrs. INGRAM, Teena Member Attendance record
8. Mr. LAI, Tai Wai, David Member Attendance record
9. Mr. LAM, Ming Yip Member Attendance record
10. Mr. LAU, Wing Member Attendance record
11. Mr. LEAN, Edward Michael Member Attendance record
12. Dr. LI, Kar Lok, Bruce Member Attendance record
13. Ms. TSE, Yuen Wa, Catherine Member Attendance record
14. Ms. YEE, Jo-An Member Attendance record
15. Mr. YEUNG, Chak Chi Member Attendance record

Taxation Faculty Executive Committee
Terms of Reference

The terms of reference of the Taxation Faculty Executive Committee are:

1. To be responsible for the management of the Faculty.
To undertake technical work in areas of taxation1, including making representations to the government, relevant industry regulators, and other bodies and authorities, on behalf of the membership of the Faculty, as appropriate.
To provide a forum to enable taxation practitioners to exchange views and discuss matters of common interest and concern.
4. To provide professional education and training in the form of seminars, conferences, etc. in areas which are of specific interest and relevance to the Faculty members and the taxation profession, and to provide other services to members, (e.g., a periodic electronic newsletter, discounts on tax publications).
5. To liaise with regulators, relevant government agencies, professional bodies and other persons, including in the Mainland, as appropriate, on technical matters within the remit of the Faculty, with a view to, inter alia, promoting good relations between the Faculty and other participants in the sector, promoting the work and image of the Institute and supporting Faculty and Institute members working in the field of taxation.
To promote standards in the sector through the development of guidance and statements of best practice and ethics.
To develop and maintain contacts with other committees and relevant sectoral groups within the Institute, and relevant outside parties and, where appropriate, undertake joint action on matters of common interest and concern.
8. Provide advice to the Institute, when requested, on the development of more intensive tax training courses and specialist accreditations. 
To develop strategic and operational plans and budgets, and, report periodically to the Institute's Executive Committee (ExCom) and Council. 
On behalf of the Institute, to liaise with the relevant international taxation bodies.
To perform such other functions as may be necessary to implement the objectives of the Faculty.
April 2017
 1 Reference to "taxation" includes Hong Kong, cross-border and relevant aspects of Mainland taxation