Committee Membership Details for the Year 2020
Sustainability Committee

No. Committee Member Title  
1. Mr. WONG, Kim Man Chairman Attendance record
2. Mr. CHENG, Man Hon Member Attendance record
3. Ms. Jennifer H. Y. CHEUNG Member Attendance record
4. Mr. CHOY Kai Sing Member Attendance record
5. Mr. GIBSON, John Robert Member Attendance record
6. Mr. HO, Brian C K Member Attendance record
7. Ms. HUI, Grace Member Attendance record
8. Dr. Calvin Lee, KWAN Member Attendance record
9. Mr. LAW, Cho Wa Member Attendance record
10. Ms. LEUNG, Siu Wai Member Attendance record
11. Mr. MAR, Selwyn Member Attendance record
12. Dr. NG, Wai Cheong, Artie Member Attendance record
13. Ms. Ellie PANG Member Attendance record
14. Mr. ROSENTHAL, Hendrik Member Attendance record
15. Ms. ROUTH Hannah Member Attendance record
16. Mr. WOO, Pat Nie Member Attendance record
17. Mr. YU, Chi Fat Member Attendance record



Terms of Reference


Sustainability and integrated reporting are very prominent subjects being addressed around the world by the accountancy profession and business community and the importance and profile of the area is widely recognised.


The function of the committee is to take the lead in developing and delivering the Institute's strategy and activities in the sustainability field and to raise the appreciation and understanding of sustainability and integrated reporting in Hong Kong. The Institute has the position and ability to bring together a wide range of stakeholders and is well placed to provide focus and leadership for efforts to develop awareness and adoption of sustainability principles and reporting in Hong Kong.  


The committee will:  

  • Provide technical and practical experience to the Institute for development of initiatives, educational and support materials and publications to raise the profile of and encourage adoption of sustainability principles among Institute members and the Hong Kong business community.

  • Advise on coverage of sustainability in the Institute's strategic plans.   

  • Identify specific issues or areas of work within the broader subject matter that are of particular relevance and importance to Hong Kong, including ESG reporting. 

  • Monitor and participate in local activities in the field e.g. government policies for the development of Hong Kong as a "green finance" hub, to ensure the profession is represented and influential in activities that contribute to maintaining the status of Hong Kong as a global financial centre.

  • Monitor the activities and output of international bodies – GRI, IIRC, A4S etc. to assess the relevance and usefulness to Hong Kong business and the accounting profession.  

  • Support the Institute's contribution and commitment to A4S, ABN and similar initiatives, including addressing the ABN principles. 
  • Comment on the Institute's plans, management and reporting of its own sustainability issues.  

  • Utilize the expertise and knowledge of committee members to identify current and developing issues that may be suitable topics for CPD and educational events and/or research and other thought leadership projects.    

  • Advise the Qualification and Education Department on development of appropriate sustainability content for professional qualification syllabus and post-qualification training.

  • Provide regular reports to ExCom on the activities of the committee.


May 2019