Committee Membership Details for the Year 2020
Sports and Recreation Committee

No. Committee Member Title  
1. Mr. YEUNG, Chi Wai, Edwin Chairman Attendance record
2. Miss HO, Pui Man Deputy Chairman Attendance record
3. Ms. CHAN, Tin Ching, Cynthia Member Attendance record
4. Mr. HO, Siu Tong Member Attendance record
5. Mr. LI Kin Hang Member Attendance record
6. Mr. LEUNG, Ying Ming, Albert Member Attendance record
7. Mr. LOONG, Chi Fai, Eddie Member Attendance record
8. Mr. NG, Ming Member Attendance record
9. Ms. NGAI, Pui Ming, Juni Member Attendance record
10. Mr. WAN, Kin Man, Tony Member Attendance record
11. Mr. WONG, Kwok Man, Peter Member Attendance record
12. Mr. WONG, Wing Cheong Member Attendance record
13. Ms. YAU, Sze Ying Member Attendance record
14. Mr. YUEN, Chong Kei Member Attendance record



 Terms of Reference


The Sports and Recreation Committee (SRCom) is formed to oversee matters relating to the provision of all recreational activities to members as value added member services.  It works closely with the Management to ensure that activities are being carried out in accordance with the strategies and directions determined by Council. 

To carry out the responsibilities, the
Committee undertakes the following functions:

1.To oversee the organization of recreational activities for the purpose of facilitating network opportunities, promoting team spirit and cultivating sense of belonging among members to the Institute.

2.To ensure Council's directions and policies are observed by all interest groups under the Committee.

3.To make recommendations for Council's consideration on directions and policies relating to sports and recreational member services.

4.To ensure all interest groups under the Committee observe its prevailing operation manual.
















24 October 2018