Committee Membership Details for the Year 2019
Nomination Committee

No. Committee Member Title  
1. Mr. LAW Fu Yuen, Patrick Chairman Attendance record
2. Ms. Susie HO Shuk Yee Member Attendance record
3. Mr. Johnson KONG Member Attendance record
4. Mr. LAM Chi Yuen, Nelson Member Attendance record
5. Mr. WONG Kam Pui, Wilfred Member Attendance record

Terms of Reference
The role of the Nomination Committee is to approve on behalf of Council nominations of Institute members or staff to positions requested by external local and overseas bodies which are of relevance to the accountancy profession. In discharging its duties, the Nomination Committee shall assess the personal and professional qualifications of the prospective nominees and their suitability in meeting the needs of the requesting organizations and the Institute.
The Nomination Committee is also tasked with the responsibility of making recommendations to Council on the appointment of the Institute’s committees and the co-option of Council members.
The Nomination Committee shall comprise of the President, Vice-Presidents and the Chief Executive of the Institute.
12 January 2010