Committee Membership Details for the Year 2018
Qualification and Examinations Board

No. Committee Member Title  
1. Ms. WOO, King Wa, Shirley Chairman Attendance record
2. Mr. SHE, Shing Pang Deputy Chairman Attendance record
3. Dr. CHAN, Cheuk Hay Member Attendance record
4. Mr. CHING, Tsz Fung, Tony Member Attendance record
5. Prof. Alice CHUI Member Attendance record
6. Dr. FU, Mee Yuk, Shirley Member Attendance record
7. Dr. HO, Shu Keung Member Attendance record
8. Ms. LAI, Pui Ling, Sandra Member Attendance record
9. Mr. LAI, Tak Shing, Jonathan Member Attendance record
10. Ms. LEE, Jeong Ryun Member Attendance record
11. Mr. Louis LEUNG Member Attendance record
12. Mr. NGAI, Wai Fung Member Attendance record
13. Mr. TONG, Chi Chiu, Alec Member Attendance record
14. Ms. WONG, Yiu Ying Member Attendance record
15. Mr. WONG, Yue Ting, Thomas Member Attendance record
16. Dr. YUEN, Kam Por Member Attendance record


Terms of Reference


Matters pertaining to examinations are prescribed in By-Laws 37 and 40 of the Professional Accountants Ordinance (see attached).  Notwithstanding that By-Law 40(2) describes the Examinations Board* as an advisory board, pursuant to 461st Council Meeting held on 17 March 2009, Council had delegated to the Examinations Board the power to conduct and control the examinations of the Institute and approve the appointment and remuneration of examiners, functions of which are specified in By-Law 40 (2)(a) and (b), and the power to sub-delegate to the Management operational matters relating to the examination and examination related matters.

Terms of Reference

(1) To advise tactical goals and priorities for the Institute's Qualification Programme ("QP"), as developed by Management, for developing and nurturing newly-qualified CPAs and maintaining a premier, internationally recognized designation by key stakeholders.

(2) To provide inputs to Management on changes to current policies, guidelines and procedures for examination, workshop, accreditation and exemption, and practical experience, so as to ensure that the QP competency requirements are kept relevant and maintained at the highest standard.

(3) To approve the examination papers, results of the QP and other professional examinations held by the Institute, accreditation and module exemption outcomes, study materials and learning outcomes, authorisations of employers/supervisors relating to QP candidates ' practical experience as well as the appointment and remuneration of examiners, assessors, workshop facilitators and other parties involved in the QP, accreditation and examination processes.

(4) To oversee the implementation of the new QP in accordance with the enhanced CPA qualifying process and competence blueprint.

(5) To receive and consider periodic reports from the Education and Training Department in respect of all matters relating to the QP and the Institute's professional examinations.

(6) To conduct any other functions as may be specified by the Council from time to time.


* * * * *

Hong Kong Institute of CPAs
February 2018


*The "Examinations Board" refers to the Qualification and Examinations Board since the merger of the former Examinations Board and the former Accountancy Accreditation Board in 2010.


Extract from the By-laws of the Professional Accountants Ordinance
relating to examinations matters





37. Power of Council to make rules

The Council may make rules prescribing -

(a) the examinations of the Institute;
(b) the syllabuses therefor;
(c) the sections into which the examinations are to be divided;
(d) the times for holding the examinations;
(e) examination fees;
(f) the period within which any examination must be passed;
(g) exemptions from examinations or concessions which may be granted; and
(h) any other matter incidental to the holding of examinations.

40. Establishment of Examinations Board

(1) There is hereby established an Examinations Board, the members of which, whether members of the Institute or not, shall be appointed by the Council and shall hold office until they resign or are removed from office by the Council.

(2) The functions of the Examinations Board shall be to advise the Council on -

(a) the conduct and control of examinations of the Institute;
(b) the appointment and remuneration of examiners; and
(c) such other functions as may be specified by the Council
from time to time.

(3) Members of the Examinations Board shall be paid such fees as the Council may determine.


(8 September 2004 Ed.)