Committee Membership Details for the Year 2020
Professional Standards Monitoring Expert Panel

No. Committee Member Title  
1. Mr. HEBDITCH, Paul Donald Member Attendance record
2. Miss HSIANG, Yuet Ming Member Attendance record
3. Mr. KWONG, Kam Wing, Kelvin Member Attendance record
4. Mr. LAI, Tak Shing, Jonathan Member Attendance record
5. Mr. LEE, Chi Man Member Attendance record
6. Mr. ONG, Wei Dong Member Attendance record
7. Ms. SO, Hung, Shelley Member Attendance record
8. Mr. STEVENSON, James Gary Member Attendance record
9. Miss TANG, Kwan Lai Member Attendance record
10. Mr. TANG, Yiu Chung Member Attendance record

Professional Standards Monitoring Expert Panel
Role of panel members
To assist the Institute in connection with the Institute’s professional standards monitoring programme by the application of their knowledge and expertise in financial reporting and auditing.
The process by which this assistance will be provided will be as follows:
·                  Matters will be referred to panel members by the staff of the Quality Assurance Department (QAD) relating to significant or complex issues arising from reviews of published financial statements of listed companies.
·                  Panel members will offer their views on the application of professional standards in relation to the matters referred and will assist the staff of the QAD in formulating questions to be put to auditors and members involved
          in preparation of the financial statements.
·                  Panel members will assist the staff of the QAD in assessing the responses to questions and reaching an appropriate outcome or resolution on the matters subject to question.
May 2009