Committee Membership Details for the Year 2020
Qualification Oversight Board

No. Committee Member Title  
1. Mr. Raymond CHENG Chairman Attendance record
2. Miss CHENG, Kam Fung Member Attendance record
3. Mr. CHEUNG, Chor Ping Member Attendance record
4. Mr. LO, Charbon Member Attendance record
5. Dr. LUNG, Pui Lan, Stella Member Attendance record
6. Mr. WONG Kam Pui, Wilfred Member Attendance record
7. Mr. WONG, Kim Man Member Attendance record
8. Mr. YIP, Sai On, David Member Attendance record

Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants

 Qualification Oversight Board

 Terms of Reference


The role of the Qualification Oversight Board ("QOB") is to ensure that qualification and admission activities are being carried out in accordance with strategies and policies determined by Council and in the public interest, and to meet the strategic goal set out in the current Long Range Plan.

 To carry out its responsibilities, the QOB will undertake the following functions:

  1.  Oversee, on behalf of Council, the performance and operations of the Institute's Education & Training Department and Admission Department and the reporting from relevant Boards, Committees and Working Groups[1] on matters pertaining to student education and training as well as member registration and licensing;
  2. Act as advisors to Management in the development of divisional strategy, policies and priorities;
  3. Receive and consider periodic reports on key qualification and admission matters through the Executive Director;
  4. Refer matters to the relevant Boards, committees and working groups which deal with qualification and admission matters for consideration and recommendation as and when necessary; and 
  5. Provide its views, advice and recommendations to Council on the Institute's policies, priorities and resource allocation in respect of qualification and admission matters.


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March 2020

[1]     In 2020, the relevant Boards, Committee and Working Groups under the ambit of the Qualification Oversight Board include:

 1.    Qualification and Examinations Board

 2.    Registration and Practising Committee

 3.    HKIAAT Board