Committee Membership Details for the Year 2020
Small and Medium Practices Committee

No. Committee Member Title  
1. Mr. LAM Chi Yuen, Nelson Chairman Attendance record
2. Mr. LIU, Eugene Deputy Chairman Attendance record
3. Mr. WONG, Chun Sek, Edmund Deputy Chairman Attendance record
4. Mr. CHAN, Tze Kit Member Attendance record
5. Mr. CHAN, Wing Kit Member Attendance record
6. Mr. CHOI, Tze Kit, Sammy Member Attendance record
7. Mr. LAM, Siu Fung Member Attendance record
8. Mr. LAU, Ho Kit, Ivan Member Attendance record
9. Mr. LAU, Kwok Hung Member Attendance record
10. Ms. LAW, Elizabeth Member Attendance record
11. Mr. LIU, Wai In Member Attendance record
12. Mr. NG, Kam Wah, Webster Member Attendance record
13. Ms. TANG, Hoi Lin, Helen Member Attendance record
14. Mr. WONG, Ho Yuen, Gary Member Attendance record
15. Miss WONG, Sze Wai, Basilia Member Attendance record
16. Mr. YIP, Ngai Shing Member Attendance record

Small and Medium Practices Committee

2020 Terms of Reference

1. Help identify needs, interests and concerns of SMPs. Develop an annual work plan to provide services catering for such needs and interests and oversee execution of the work plan (make revisions or set priorities, as necessary).

2. Contribute to the Institute projects and activities relevant to SMPs, for example, advising on and providing input into development of structured programme, technical publications / guidance / alerts for SMPs, consultations and other relevant areas of representation; and / or article writer for designated projects.

3. Help promote and strengthen the core values of SMPs, such as competency, integrity, professionalism and objectivity.

4. Utilize the expertise and knowledge of the committee to identify current and developing issues that may be suitable topics for CPD and educational events and/or research and other thought leadership projects.  Advise the Executive Committee and other relevant committees of potential topics for selection and prioritization of work to be undertaken.

5. Advise and support the Institute’s representative on the IFAC SMP Committee, including providing views and comments on IFAC SMP projects as they develop.

February 2020