Issue 2 / Volume 14 / February 2018
President's message
Institute news
Accounting news
  - Hong Kong gets real
  - Thought leadership:
Why organizations should start design thinking
  - Leadership: Santiago Otamendi
  - How to present like a seasoned professional
  - Nothing but a number
  - The sweet spot
  - Perfect partners
  - Whether and when a debt can be considered bad for tax deduction purposes
  - TechWatch 184
After hours
  - Books
  - Life and everything
  - Let’s get fiscal
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  Keeping it clean
Santiago Otamendi, President of the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering on the organization’s achievements so far and the role of accountants in preventing the laundering of criminal proceeds
Hong Kong gets real
With the introduction of tax measures to encourage Hong Kong’s private sector to invest more in research and development, A Plus finds out why businesses need more support
  Nothing but a number
Chief financial officers under 35 downplay their age as they talk about their career highlights and difficulties
  The sweet spot
Sandy Wong, Regional Controller at Ferrero Asia on what it’s like to work for one in the world’s largest confectionary sellers
  Perfect partners
A Plus talks to two CPA pairs about the impact they have had in each other’s lives
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