Issue 11 / Volume 13 / November 2017
President's message
Institute news
Accounting news
  - Bay of plenty
  - Thought leadership:
Judgments and estimates in revenue recognition
  - Leadership: Monica Foerster
  - How to turn big data concepts into business results
  - Finding true value
  - Concrete results
  - Cross harbour hustle
  - First year experiences with revised auditor’s reports
  - New SFC guidance on valuations for listed company directors and
financial advisors
  - Cybersecurity Fortification Initiative – An infrastructure prospective
  - TechWatch 181
After hours
  - Books
  - Life and everything
  - A life in the day
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  Finding true value
How CPAs can help take on the challenges behind inaccurate business valuations
Leadership: Monica Foerster
The Chair of IFAC’s Small and Medium Practices Committee on how the global organization is spreading awareness of the increasing value of SMPs
  Bay of plenty
The Greater Bay Area has obstacles to overcome to become a major driver of economic growth for China
  Concrete results
Edward Coultrup, Regional Head of Internal Audit at international constructions materials manufacturer LafargeHolcim discusses the measures that the multinational is taking to create a stronger company image
  Cross harbour hustle
Institute members talk about their experience of swimming across the Victoria Harbour
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