Issue 12 / Volume 12 / December 2016
President's message
  - Store of value
  - Thought leadership
  - The pursuit of quality
  - How to…
  - Views from the outside
  - Success ingredient
  - Certified volunteers
  - China asset management
  - China tax
  - Technical update
  - TechWatch 169
After hours
  - Books
  - Life and everything
  - A life in the day
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  Store of value
China’s shopping malls have been in decline for nearly a decade, forcing retailers and developers to give customers new in-store experiences.
The pursuit of quality
IFIAR Chair Janine van Diggelen goes through the key global audit regulatory challenges.
  Views from the outside
Some firms are diversifying their leadership with non-accounting talent who can offer unique perspectives.
  Success ingredient
Truly International Holdings CFO Michael Ma explains the LCD maker’s focus on staying at the forefront of evolving technologies.
  Certified volunteers
Thoughtful Institute members on the rewards of giving back.
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