Issue 7 / Volume 12 / July 2016
President's message
  - China charged up
  - Thought leadership
  - Setting a higher bar
  - How to…
  - I, Auditor
  - Success ingredient
  - Turning the page
  - China's VAT reform
  - Tips for a smooth practice
  - Technical update
  - TechWatch 164
After hours
  - Books
  - Life and everything
  - A life in the day
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  Setting a higher bar
IESBA Chairman Stavros Thomadakis discusses the board's priorities for the future.
I, Auditor
A look at how cognitive technology is efficiently redefining the auditing process.
  China charged up
The long road ahead for China's electric vehicles market.
  Success ingredient
10 DESIGN Finance Director Florence Kong talks about how she helped build a solid foundation for the architecture and design firm.
  Turning the page
Institute members share what makes a good book and the lessons they can assert from it.
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