Issue 5 / Volume 12 / May 2016
President's message
  - Leading the start-up way
  - Thought leadership
  - The blockchains that bind us
  - How to…
  - Success ingredient
  - Into the wild
  - Retention of client’s records
  - Liquidators’ claims
  - Technical update
  - TechWatch 162
After hours
  - Books
  - Life and everything
  - A life in the day
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  The blockchains that bind us
Exploring the demand for blockchain as a secure storage and distribution solution, and the impact it will have on the banking and finance industries.
Leading the start-up way
These finance chiefs don't mind the element of uncertainty and career risk of working for start-ups.
  Success ingredient
Mark Szeto, CEO at fireworks specialist Glorious Group, on giving the wow-factor to large-scale events around the world.
  Into the wild
Institute members experience Hong Kong from higher ground.
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