Issue 10 / Volume 11 / October 2015
President's message
  - Forensic accountants and big data
  - Thought leadership
  - Sustaining the boom across the border
  - How to…
  - Re-evaluating the RMB
  - Success ingredient
  - Counting beats
  - Mainland labour law
  - Hong Kong tax
  - Technical update
  - TechWatch 155
After hours
  - Books
  - Life and everything
  - A life in the day
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  Sustaining the boom across the border
China’s Vice Minister of Finance Yu Weiping talks about implementing Mainland accounting reform.
(Original Q&As in Chinese provided by MoF.)
Forensic accountants and big data
How forensic accountants detect high-risk activities in staggering amounts of data.
Re-evaluating the RMB
The uncertain future of the yuan makes CFOs think about their currency risk and turn to hedging strategies.
Success ingredient
Yip's Chemical Holdings CFO Johnson Ho explains how a Hong Kong company can grow with the China market.
  Counting beats
A Plus talk to Institute members who let their creativity flow on the dance floor.
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