Issue 9 / Volume 11 / September 2015
President's message
  - Mad men of accounting
  - Thought leadership
  - Reforming reporting
  - How to…
  - Shopping in two worlds
  - Success ingredient
  - Big ocean strategy
  - 企業重組及股權轉讓所得稅
  - Changes in China’s company law: relevance for foreign investors
  - Technical update
  - TechWatch 154
After hours
  - Books
  - Life and everything
  - A life in the day
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  Mad men of accounting
The Big Four continue to expand their service offering, this time into creative and digital consultancy.
Reforming reporting
U.K. Financial Reporting Council CEO Stephen Haddrill shares how he brings results to investors by translating reform-minded objectives into successful regulations.
Shopping in two worlds
A Plus looks at why Chinese retail businesses are ditching a linear shopping experience and embracing an omni-channel strategy through O2O retailing.
Success ingredient
Lloyd's Register Financial Controller Chan Ka-fai talks about why the maritime and energy company has a bright future.
  Big ocean strategy
Institute members on the high seas expand their horizons and their perspectives through sailing.
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